Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's Left To Say

See the Philadelphia episode here

On Tuesday night, 15 minutes before the polls closed in parts of Indiana, Kentucky and Vermont, Graham crumpled the last unnecessary scraps of the Philadelphia episode into digital wads and shot them into the virtual recycling bin.

The 18th episode of the 18 episodes in 18 days found itself delivered and uploaded. In the comfort of a Greenwich Village apartment our short crash across the country was complete.

And thus began a wonderfully distracted night through three boroughs. Hours after our two-week tour ended so did the relentless two-year campaign.

America elected Barack Obama.

And that's it. Now we turn our eyes forward. The last week has brought on a return to New York's pace. As break-neck as the trip was, the frenetic cynical cycle of NYC is a culture shock. My goal will be to keep the joys and humility of the journey with me as I scratch away at the intense surface of the city I adore.

And if this is the closing credits there are three groups of people who are responsible for the project's content and the contentedness of your narrator.

First, thank you to anyone who watched the videos, read the blog, sent an email, text, or twit. You're glorious investment of time made the tough moments sustainable and the easy moments easier to come by.

Second, thank you to the rock-stars in Ann Arbor, Chicago, Frisco, Las Vegas, Chapel Hill, Waynesboro, Media, and Philadelphia who graciously gave us a bed, floor, or hot tub to rest up inalong the way. We made it across the country and back in two weeks because of the hospitality of others.

Third, thank you to the fascinating folks who let their voices, stories, and faces fill each of the 18 episodes. Your graciousness, thoughtfulness, and uniqueness made the series work. Please keep in touch.

Lastly, there is no simple way to sum up what the partnership with Graham meant to me. He is unflappable, dedicated, and deeply talented. At so many points, he maintained a calm persistence and openness to challenges. Red Blue Road Trip left a indelible mark on me and a large part of that is due to Graham and the hours we worked together.

Now there's nothing left to say, so I won't say any more.

See the Philadelphia episode here

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Graham said...

Thanks Chris for such kind words. The weeks we spent on the road together were among the best of my days.