Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where are we going?

Hope to see you while we're out there on the road!

Oct. 18: Ashland, Ohio
Oct. 19: Detroit, Michigan
Oct. 20: Beverly Shores, Indiana,
Oct. 21: Elk Grove, Wisconsin
Oct. 22: Denison, Iowa
Oct. 23: Greeley, Colorado
Oct. 24: Grand Junction, Colorado
Oct. 25: Las Vegas, Nevada
Oct. 26: Ganado, Arizona
Oct. 27: Portales, New Mexico
Oct. 28: Lanagan, Missouri
Oct. 29: New Orleans, Louisiana
Oct. 30: Mary Esther, Florida
Oct. 31: Asheville, North Carolina
Nov. 1: Waynesboro, Virginia
Nov. 2: Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
Nov. 3: Wildwood, New Jersey
Nov. 4: Keane, New Hampshire

Here's the route on a map

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